We build home additions

Home Addition Phases of Construction:
Los Angeles enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of only 35 days with measurable precipitation annually, the climate in LA is a construction companies dream and ideal for home owners as there is virtually no delay due to poor weather conditions (such as when replacing a roof).

  • Free assessment and no obligation estimate
  • We can help you obtain low financing for your home addition loan
  • Design and planning for optimal use of space
  • Blueprint drawn up including property lines and utilities
  • Schedule building start date and estimate time frame for completion
  • Apply for Building permits and inspections
  • Lay foundation
  • Build framework for addition
  • Erect roof
  • Install windows and doors
  • Install electrical wiring and plumbing (if necessary)
  • Add drywall
  • Install flooring
  • Apply exterior stucco
  • Paint interior and exterior
  • Viola! Your dream home is complete!
  • What hours can a construction company work in Los Angeles?

    • Per, 41.40 LAMC- Construction Noise see official rules from LAPD, we can only work the following hours without obtaining  a Police Commission permit;
    • Monday to Friday – allowed to work from 7am to 9pm
    • Saturday : In any residential zone,   allowed to work from  8am to  6pm.
    • Sunday/Holidays: no construction work allowed

    Framework for room addition construction